and hit ok
make some text that sez what you want it to say, big size font and big text
make sure you have a white background w/ black text
oh yeah.. when making ice.. it's better to bold the text
go to Select/Load Selection/
then hit Ok
your letters should be selected
now hit Control+e (merge layers)
and use a setting of 8
hit ok
Filter/Noise/Add Noise, use value of 70/Gaussian
it should only be screwing up the text.. the bg should still be crystal clear white
Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur with value of 2.0

***get file that im sending you***(curves.acv)

go to Image/Adjust Curves
now load that file i sent you
now hit "ok"
go to Select/None
now its black bg and like whitish text
Image/Rotate/90 CW
Filter/Stylize/Wind..., use Left
Image/Rotate/90 CCW
put a check mark in "Colorize"
change the mode to RGB first
and set your color to..put hue on like 158
and play around somewhere in there until u find a good tint
and after you get it where u want it..
hit OK
and your done